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Food Swap – What are they going to think of next?

September 28, 2011

Fellow harvest managers, here’s a fabulous idea for working with nature’s abundance – The Food Swap.  We’ve talked about co-ops and food banks for distributing back yard produce, but Food In Jars describes a food swap recently held in Philadelphia.  Food swaps offer all kinds of prepared foods including preserves, granola, yogurt, breads, and more.

Although I have imagined such an event, I had never heard of one actually happening, so I followed the link to Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking on how to host a food swap.  It’s really not unlike the traditional holiday cookie swap.  Bring food and trade. Of course there are some logistics to consider, but why not start small?  Invite a few friends over.  Ask them to bring some food.  Swap.

Maybe you could start by attending a food swap in your area to get the hang of it.  Kate Payne at Hip Girl’s provides a list that includes at least 18 states.

Who knows where this could lead?


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