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Garlic Happens

July 26, 2012

The Gardener has a friend.   He is a good friend and a fellow gardener.   The Gardener and his friend sometimes compete on matters of crop yield, variety, and harvest dates.  Note: The Gardener is in Southern California; his friend is in the Pacific Northwest.  Latitude matters.  In any case, this year The Gardener’s garlic crop failed.   He harvested only about 10 heads out of 50 planted.

His friend’s garlic crop did not fail.  In a show of support and encouragement, his friend sent him this inspiring picture showing the year’s harvest, noting that it totaled 150 heads which are  “a bit smaller than last year on average.”  I’m sure he meant to offer sympathy over the crop failure.

The Gardener still mourns his lost garlic, but he takes heart in the fact that the Southern California tomato harvest has begun.

Note:  In the event the Harvest Manager had this much garlic to deal with, braiding would be the option of choice.  For a great how-to video on garlic braiding, check out Christy Wilhelmi of  She’s done a really nice braiding demo that’s posted on YouTube.


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