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Another Front Yard Gardener Wins Over the Nay Sayers

August 24, 2012

A Drummondville Quebec front yard gardener gets to keep his garden after a petition convinced local officials to reconsider.  Drummondville being where it is, the original article is in French, but here’s the gist.   Cause leader Roger Doiron collected over 17,000 signatures asking city officials to let Josée Landry and Michel Beauchamp keep their garden.  The petition convinced town officials to allow front yard gardens.  In addition, the town announced that they will work with Josée and Michel to  implement new guidelines allowing all residents who want them to create gardens.

The “offending” Drummondville front yard garden pictured on the Kitchen Gardeners International Blog

In an interview with Boing Boing blogger  Rob Beschizza, Doiron said this action “helps establish a precedent that other urban and suburban gardeners can refer to when similar challenges arise in other parts of the world.”

Hooray for the gardeners!

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