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Winter’s Green Leafy Vegetables are Coming In

January 25, 2013

The cole crops have started to arrive in the Harvest Manager’s domain.  We had some tasty, although bird laced, kale this week.  For some reason the hungry (and for all I know angry) birds have a hankering for green leafy vegetables this year.  In 37 years of enabling backyard gardening, I’ve never seen this behavior.

Bird Laced Kale

Bird Laced Kale

We sought to fend off the hungry critters with shiny tape.  The birds were fooled, but not for long.

Shiny Ribbons, not fluttering

Shiny Ribbons, not fluttering

Earlier this week The Gardener acquired a more convincing deterrent.  Day and night the fearsome plastic owl stands guard.  It seems to help.  The birds are keeping their distance, and for now the cole crops are making a comeback.   Special thanks to parents of the Harvest Manager for suggesting the owl solution.

Our Own Owl

Our Own Owl

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