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What do you do with all that dill?

April 2, 2013
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Dear Save the Harvest Readers, today we welcome guest blogger A.J. Hardy, DVM to answer this oft asked question.  When it came up at dinner the other evening, A.J. said simply:

kimll, 2010 Flickr

kimll, 2010 Flickr

“Put the dill on a paper towel.  Put another paper towel on top.  Put it in the microwave for four minutes, and you’re done.  Dried dill.”

A.J. is a man of few words, but wise words they are.  This is just the sort of recipe Save the Harvest readers appreciate – simple, fast, and effective.

Thanks, A.J.

For readers who want a step by step discussion including pictures on how to dry dill in the microwave, A.J. refers you to She’s in the Kitchen.  Blogger Katrina Hall has all the details.


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