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Planning for Next Year’s Garden Already Underway

August 20, 2013

The mail just arrived.  “Oh boy,” says The Gardener.  “The Peaceful Valley catalog is here.  It’s time to order garlic.”

"Organic Garlic - Pre-order Now" says the Peaceful Valley catalog

“Organic Garlic – Pre-order Now” says the Peaceful Valley catalog

“Go easy,” says the Harvest Manager.  “We still have lots of garlic left from this year.” (Readers will remember the recent post on Braiding Garlic.)

Managing the harvest also means managing next year’s planting.   One approach to an over abundant harvest is to plant less.  Another approach is to eat more.  It’s hard to say how this one will play out.  The Gardener has taken the catalog upstairs for perusal while the Harvest Manager hopes for the best.

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