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Kohlrabi as Greens?

January 3, 2014

Regular readers of Save the Harvest will know that the Harvest Manager has been off duty while recovering from knee surgery,  leaving the Gardener free to get up and move about the kitchen.  A recent kohlrabi harvest raised this question: ” I wonder if the greens (tops) of the kohlrabi would be good to eat?”  The Harvest Manager was under the influence of pain meds at the time and did not have a meaningful opinion on the matter, except to say “no harm in trying.”

Kohlrabi harvest with tops

Kohlrabi harvest with tops

So, the Gardener lopped off the tops, cut out the stems, sliced them up, and cooked them like collards with a red pepper and a ham hock.  He simmered them until the greens turned soft and the ham fell off the bone.  Turns out kohlrabi tops make a tasty mess of greens – flavorful and a bit milder than collards.   What didn’t get eaten the same day went into the freezer in serving size portions.

Well done, Gardener.  Now we know that kohlrabi tops are good to eat.

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