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It’s Onion Time and The Harvest Manager Has Left the Country

June 18, 2014

June is onion time.  The harvest starts when the green tops of the onions start to fall over.  The Gardener sets up his drying tables under the coral tree in the front yard and the watch begins.  The Gardener is watching for the green tops to dry up and more or less seal off the onion bulb.  When this process is complete, the onion is ready to store.

June is also conference time.  Every year around mid-June, the Harvest Manager gets up and moves about the country to convene with the global community of like minded colleagues.  This year the conference, held in Vancouver British Columbia coincided with the drying and storing of onions.  This year’s harvest weighed in at a full 65 pounds.  No small amount of onions to be managed.

Just as the Harvest Manager occasionally has to take over in the absence of The Gardener  (pause to run out and water the tomato seedlings),  The Gardener stepped into the breach and expertly managed the onion harvest.

Onions - 2014

Onions – 2014

Little nails in the pantry wall hold the majority of this year’s harvest.   These nets make an excellent substitute for the often used (but rarely available in my house) pantyhose.

Onions stored this way will keep for several months.

Well, done Gardener!

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