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An Unusual Summer in the Garden

November 5, 2014

For the first time in recent memory, the Harvest Manager has had a relatively quiet summer with little harvest to manage.  Save the Harvest readers have noticed a similar level of quiet on the blog.  When the crops don’t come in, well, there just isn’t much to say.

For some reason this year the tomato harvest failed.  The Gardener brought in a smattering here and there.  On occasion we had enough to fill a few freezer bags.  The Squeezo never saw action during the summer of 2014, and the rows of canning jars stand empty on the shelves.

The Squeezo Strainer during busier times.

The Squeezo Strainer during busier times.

Oh sure, there were a few pickled peppers to be packed and some grape jelly to be jarred, but no tomato sauce, no canned whole tomatoes, and no roasted tomatoes.

Well, there’s always the winter garden.  The garlic is in, the lettuce is peeping above ground, and the seed flats full of broccoli and beets are under lights in the garage.  The future looks bright.

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