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Chives – Eat Fresh

January 5, 2015

The Gardener has recruited supplemental harvest management.  When the Harvest Manager did not jump at the chance to sort the chive harvest, The Gardener engaged his unsuspecting mother to take on the task.  Her patience has no rival, and after about two hours, her dedication yielded the edible chives in a pile on the right and those headed to the compost pile on the left.

Busy hands sorting the edible chives from the compostable chives.

Busy hands sorting the edible chives from the compostable chives.

Meanwhile, the Harvest Manager, motivated by the ‘waste not want not’ motto, investigated options for storing chives.  It turns out the best best is to eat them while they are fresh.  Drying can work, but it diminishes flavor.  Freezing can work, but they have to be blanched first and again, the process will diminish flavor.  All things considered, The Gardener, The Harvest Manager, and the unsuspecting mother have agreed to make a concerted effort to eat more chives.

Thus, baked potatoes graced last night’s menu, and a tossed salad with generous snippings of chives hit the lunch table today.  Next up, a lovely vegetable casserole with chives.


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