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Storing Onions – A Do it Yourself Project for The Gardener

June 4, 2012

Storing onions is about as easy as it gets.  Simply tie the onions into a pair of pantyhose, and you’re good to go.  The storage system also becomes a dispensing system, as you just cut off the bottom onion (below the knot) as needed.  Here’s the latest harvest, saved by The Gardener himself.

Granex Sweets in the Pantry

These are sweet onions (Granex) of Vidalia, Maui, Texas, or Walla Walla fame.

The picture seems to say it all, but don’t hesitate to submit any questions or comments.  Onions stored this way should keep for several weeks.

Note that before storing onions, you have to let them dry.  Be sure the stem above the bulb has closed off.

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