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Build a Food Forest

June 8, 2012

Occasionally this Harvest Manager runs across a brilliant food distribution/cultivation idea that just needs to be shared.  Here’s today’s installment.

The Food Forest

A seven acre plot of land in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle will soon be planted with hundreds of different kinds of edibles including:  “walnut and chestnut trees; blueberry and raspberry bushes; fruit trees, including apples and pears; exotics like pineapple, yuzu citrus, guava, persimmons, honeyberries, and lingonberries; herbs; and more. All will be available for public plucking to anyone who wanders into the city’s first food forest.”  TakePart outlines the whole program and also answers the question ‘What if someone comes and takes all the blueberries?’

Doesn’t it just make you want to plant a food forest?

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