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Beets Aplenty – Don’t Forget the Greens

June 22, 2012

The beet harvest is in.  I didn’t weigh the bounty, but  I’d ballpark it at about 10 pounds.  We’ve eaten bunches, and I still have five pounds in the refrigerator.    Happily for the harvest manager, beets come with greens.   Yum!  If you like Swiss chard, you’ll like beet greens.  They’re related.

Beet tops cook up nicely.  You can steam them with sliced beets.  Alternatively, cut the greens  into ribbons and saute with butter and garlic.  Despite all this yummy-ness, one can only eat so much.  Solution? Blanch and freeze those greens!

It’s easy.  Wash the greens.  I find three’s the charm.  I wash them three times in  a basin, pouring the water onto the outdoor shrubbery after each washing.

Next, pile a bunch of greens on top of each other and slice across the bunch to create strips.  While you’re slicing, have  a pot of water on the stove coming to a boil.  Blanch greens in boiling water for two or three minutes, drain, and pack into freezer containers.  Frozen greens will keep for months in the freezer, but they’re best if eaten within eight weeks or so.

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    • June 25, 2012 9:11 am

      Thanks for the pointer to this NYT article. I love that the author of the article spent time trying to convince his fellow shopper to take the greens along with the beets, suggesting she treat the beet greens like chard or spinach. Perfect!

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